St. Elizabeth Mary Girls Secondary School

St Elizabeth Mary girl’s Secondary School

Founded in 2015 to take care of the needy girls due to female mentorship.


  1. Classes
  2. Administration block
  3. Dormitory
  4. Laboratory
  5. Washrooms (3)

Vacation farm


Planted over 300 trees and still planting

Tree nursery by young farmers-YM


Offers 8-4-4 syllabus

On transition to CBC-competency based curriculum to enable the learners to be self reliant

We have introduced; home science and computer science, agriculture

Offers science subjects i.e. physics, chemistry and biology

Mission- to challenge students to reach their full potential in spirit, mind, heart and body by providing a quality education that foster academic excellence and reflect values in a safe Christian.

Vision-st Elizabeth Mary girls high school aspires to be the leading secondary school in Kisumu county for educating ,preparing and challenging students to actively serve their community.

Motto-as st Elizabeth Mary School, our motto illuminare in tenebris(Light in Darkness) is reinforced by our common goal to provide our students with educational foundation that is anchored on knowledge that light their path into future. A safe and secure future full of hope, aspiration and self-fulfillment despite life challenges.