Our curriculum is enhanced to academic field trips. A visit to Mikai for geographical trip and Ken Gen for sciences and geography enhanced the spheres of learning. The school participates in co-curriculum activities .in 2019; we started music and competed up to the regional level where we emerged no.3 after giant school In Nyonsiongo Secondary School Nyamira County Kenya. The school has since 2018 participated first Aid skills within the school and individuals.

2018 and 2019 respectively, we have managed to participate in first Aid reliance competition with st John cadet competition Nyanza Region (Lake Region) which comprises of 7 counties.

To promote leadership of the girls, Kenya Girl Guide Association trained 3 rangers on leadership in 2019. Young Farmers in the school participates in the ASK Kisumu regional shows in courtesy of young farmers club in the school promoted tree planting. We planted 2000 trees in 2019 and in addition 1300 trees of 2018. We hope to reach 10000 trees within a span of 5 years. This year 2020, the Government of Kenya is promoting tree nursery by enabling every Agriculture candidate for KCSE to plant at least 200 tree siblings, not only for academics program rather to adapt tree and promote land upgrading and to prevent ozone layer degradation. The school through agriculture Young Farmers club fully participates in this tree planting environmental sustainability program.

Our school participates in sports athletics and ball games mainly football and netball. We are riwo Parish where our students gets spiritual nourishment on Sundays under our parish Priest and curator. The school is catholic based and we are under Riwo parish Kisumu directly in the archdiocese of Kisumu.